So you’re about to embark on a family road-trip. You’ve got snacks ready, rest stops planned, you’ve checked the tyre pressures and the oil levels. Nothing left to do except hit the road! Nope. You’ve forgotten to consider how you’re going to entertain the kids for hour after hour.

Well, EFTM has the answer. Forget screen time, leave that for the very end when things are really getting out of control. To kick things off hand over an EFTM Spotto sheet to each of the kids, with a texta or pen and set them spotting.

Spotto is a simple game. You place a bunch of pictures on a sheet, and tell the kids to keep an eye out.

Yell “Spotto” when you see something from the sheet and mark it off.

You need rules, and as a parent, you want to make some of it easy, some of it hard – to drag the whole process out a little.

We’ve created the EFTM Road-Trip Spottofor you to download and use for your next road trip. There’s some easy ones included, like petrol stations, Holdens and Fords. But the Ferrari will be a tough one, as will the Purple and Orange cars.

So – get printing, and entertain your kids with an old fashioned pen and paper these holidays, the EFTM Road-Trip Spottois our gift to you these holidays – enjoy!