The convenience of an electric shaver carries no comparison to a traditional blade. No shaving cream required, water proof, plenty of charge and can be done anywhere, that’s why electric works.

While we personally struggle to get a close shave with any electric shaver, the experience for many is not the same. The electric shaver, when selected properly will give you a quality shave but many make their purchase decision on the looks alone. They’re actually designed for each style of face.

The Rotary Shaver

Usually setup with three heads the rotary shavers are designed for those with normal skin, thick hair growth and hair that grows in different directions. We recently tested the Remington WETech Precision Ultra Shaver and found we could use this one in the shower, or out, with a battery life of 60 minutes, that a lot of shaving between charges. This style shaver comes in many variations from multiple brands, the one we tested from Remington sells for $79.95 however you’ll find them as high as $500 with self-cleaning, digital displays and more.

The Foil Shaver

One of the first styles of electric shavers is the foil shaver, a wide shaver head, sometimes individual and sometimes three of them ready to give you a clean look. If your skin needs to be handled with care, foil shavers will do just that. Foil shavers are specifically designed for men with sensitive skin, straight hair growth and those that shave every day. The alternate model from Remington to the one we tested is the Titanium Comfort Pro Foil Shaver, also $79.95, is gentle on the skin and ideal for close and comfortable shaves. As mentioned with the rotary styles, the foil also has a long range of brands and prices to suit your needs but it doesn’t need to break the bank either.