As new parents we’re certainly more than conscious of our little boy’s health. One of the more concerning indicators of any child’s welfare is temperature. Here at EFTM we’re always on the search for gadgets that are not just cool, but also helpful. Nurofen for Children has launched a new product called the FeverSmart Temperature Monitor. It combines an app and wearable device to constantly keep watch over your child’s condition via a smartphone.

The technology behind this product is simple, it combines a thermometer, adhesive patches, charging base station and three AAA batteries. The non-invasive soft S-shaped device attaches to the underarm of 0-3-year old infants. The adhesive is made of medical grade silicon that is sensitive yet strong enough to hold the thermometer in place. There are four of the patches per box, I liken them to heart rate monitor stickers.

It’s then simply a matter of downloading the free Nurofen app available for iOS and Android devices. The app does more than just provide your child’s temperature. Additionally, it will provide push notifications when a fever hits the high range. You set up a free account via email and password and add information such as your child’s birth date and even a picture if you desire.

Medication tracking allows you to keep a record of the dosage and frequency of any medicine given. Handy when each parent is taking turns at looking after their sick one. Symptom tracking provides a means of inputting information about runny noses or headaches for example, handy info to have at hand when presenting at the doctor. Cloud storage is available to keep track of a weeks’ worth of data and you can also create additional profiles for other siblings.

For those concerned about the safety of sticking a device onto a baby, the product is said to use low energy Bluetooth technology with a range of up to 40 metres. Battery life is said to last for up to 20 days while the base station should be within 1.5-metres of where your baby is sleeping.

Common sense would tell you this product is simply a guide, although I did find it to be very accurate. The underarm of an infant is said to be 1°C less than core body temperature and 0.5°C less than oral temperature. The device is said to be accurate within plus or minus 0.2°C, so you need to keep all that in mind. Your child will never know the product is even attached, so there’s no waking them up in the middle of the night unnecessarily.

The Nurofen FeversSmart Temperature Monitor is on sale now at Chemist Warehouse, Priceline and most chemists for RRP $139.99. Additional adhesive patches are available in a four pack for RRP $9.99. For more information click here.