Walking around the halls of CES, we are on the lookout for for a product that catches our attention. Something no one else seems to be doing and something that just seems like a bloody ripper idea. So when I walked past the Sgnl booth with people standing around with their finger in their ear, I had to take a closer look.

The concept is pretty simple, you make and receive phone calls by talking with your finger in your ear. Sounds crazy right? Well, yeah I guess it does but somehow it works. I tested it myself.

The product is a smart band for your watch. Not to be confused with a smartwatch, this is a smart band that you install on to your existing watch and the band is paired with your phone. It can also be installed on smart watches, designed to fit 18, 20, 22, and 24mm standard watch lugs and Apple Watch connectors.

By putting your finger in your ear, you are able to hear the conversation as if you were talking through your phone or a separate earpiece thanks to the Body Conduction Unit (BDU). It works by transmitting vibrations through your body and converting them to sound. Sgnl is connected to your phone using bluetooth, and when a voice signal is received, Sgnl generates vibrations with the BCU. These vibrations are sent from the user’s wrist to their fingertips, and when the user places their fingertip to the tragus of their ear, the vibrations echoes and create an amplified sound within their ear. The user can speak through the microphone embedded in Sgnl’s strap.

The Sgnl app provides the usual features we come to expect with smart wearable devices.  The call reminder feature gives gentle reminders to call those important people in your life. It is a fitness tracker designed to count our steps and give detailed information about your workout patterns.

We were so impressed with the concept that it was awarded the EFTM Bloody Ripper Idea Award for CES 2018.

This is a product still in development but we may see people walking the streets with their finger in their around mid year.