The average security camera ‘sees’ less than two minutes of interesting data each day despite streaming 24/7. Unless you know the exact date and time of the ‘interesting data’ you are looking for you’ve got Buckley’s chance of finding it. This is where Ella comes to the rescue.

IC Realtime’s Bob Odierna says that we have been saving footage the wrong way around since the beginning of closed circuit cameras. By listing video files under time and data it is like a doctor listing patients under the time that they paid their bill rather than their surname.
IC Realtime say that, “Ella is the first cloud based deep-learning engine that augments surveillance systems with natural language search capabilities across recorded video”.

What does all this mean? Well, with Ella you simply ask her to “find white van” and she will search all of your recorded video footage before popping up any footage containing a white van. Ella is preloaded with two million existing tags making searching any existing surveillance system instant. Ella’s learning engine will adapt to your system or environment, phrases and tags.

Ella also limits what she sends to the cloud, recording events in HD deemed interesting by the AI learning platform. All ‘uninteresting’ events are still recorded and kept, but sent to the cloud as low-resolution, time lapse.
Ella is designed to work with 99% of all security cameras available today and has significant implications for not just the security industry, but also the connected home.

You do have to pay for the Ella service, starting at $7 per month. Ella is available now; find out more here.