At CES in Las Vegas we have come across a very exciting product to free you of the mundane task of folding the clothes.

Called the Foldimate, this appliance is thinner than a washing machine but stands just as tall as one. It has a feeder at the top which requires you to feed clothes in a certain way. Once the item is in the machine it will drop into a drawer folded and ready to go. The items will stack to around six items high before needing to be emptied.

There are also some limitations at this point, collared shirts, dresses and bed sheets cannot be folded in the Foldimate. As a machine being the first of its kind, we’ll forgive them for that. It will however handle t-shirt, shorts, pants, pillow cases and towels in various sizes.

The machine is coming to the market with pre-orders being taken at the moment, currently the Foldimate is selling for $999 from

Deliveries are not expected until late 2019 as they work to improve the functionality and deliver a fully working product.