If we had to pick the ultimate head-turner here at CES, it has to be the Geneovation GXE. This is one hell of an achievement from an independent company based here in the US at Rockville, Maryland. What they have done is turn a C7 Grand Sport Corvette into a fully-electric supercar. I had the chance to lay eyes on it during its CES debut and let me tell you, it’s just W.O.W.

After removing the V8 state-of-the-art inverters, batteries and electric motors combine to produce around 596kW and around 949Nm. The result? 0 – 100km/h in well under three seconds, with a top speed of over 354km/h.

There’s one drawback when it comes to this kind of performance. If you managed to secure one of the 75 $750,000 USD examples and wanted to head to a track and really have a crack, expect just 20 minutes of fun. Normal driving operation has range of 270km, before you need to head off for a five-hour charge.

There’s some Aussie DNA in this electric beast, the custom rims are made by Australian company Carbon Revolution and are obviously very light weight. The paint job is simply stunning with up to 15 applications unique to each vehicle.

The interior is coated in Alcantara leather, there’s a sizable custom-made LED touch screen, ultra-high-fidelity Harman audio system and Brembo carbon electric brakes. It’s the stuff of dreams.