Today at CES in Las Vegas Hisense took the stage to discuss 2018 and their plans. Firstly starting with the FIFA World Cup in Russia, Hisense is a major sponsor and they are making sure that we know about it but also offering huge benefits to all Hisense TV owners. Many will buy a new TV this year to enjoy the World Cup, if it’s a Hisense television, you’ll have an app from Fox Sports to enable you to watch every game live on your new TV for free.

Speaking of televisions, the new range is extensive and has a new technology in it… OLED. Yes, you read that correctly. Hisense will bring an OLED television to what EFTM believes is exclusively Australia.

Beyond the OLED, the 2018 range of Hisense televisions will continue down the ULED path with further improvements. One of the key areas Hisense did need to improve was in their smart TV interface, Hisense have shown an update in this space which looks fantastic and also has Amazon Alexa on board. You’ll be able to use your Hisense television to control appliances, smart things and manage content on your television, including volume control through voice.

The other improvement from an image perspective on the ULED range is in the way dimming and brightness will be managed on a 2018 Hisense television. Using 1000 zones of local dimming will mean that the television will be capable of displaying shadows and contrasts much better, with clarity and precision.

Lastly, Hisense heard the call for a larger TV, while not necessarily confirming it will ever be available for sale, they did take the wraps off a 150 inch Laser TV. Yesterday we saw the 146 inch modular TV from Samsung and seeing a 150 inch just proves this contest is not over.

The Laser TV is produces an image from a projector that sits around 40cm from the wall and casts the 150inch 4K image. We may never see it again but it was certainly a beautiful image.

Pricing and availability for all new Hisense televisions coming to Australia will be published here shortly.