The smart home is likely to be the largest topic for 2018 in the tech space. We’ve all come to understand how the lights will be commanded on, how we’ll use a Google Assistant to watch Netflix on the TV and how we’ll unlock our doors through voice. But what about the kitchen?

Today, at CES in Las Vegas, LG has announced a range of new appliances for the kitchen which really help you understand how it all will work in the near future.

Named the LG ThinQ Kitchen Solution, we’ll see how the fridge talks to the oven, which talks to the dishwasher. The latest smart fridge from LG has a large 29 inch display on the front which after being knocked twice will turn completely transparent to allow you to see inside the fridge. Using cameras you’ll also be able to see inside the fridge from your smartphone. The display is ready to help you log and maintain what food you have inside your fridge, by doing that you’ll be recommended recipes so you can get started on dinner.

When you select a recipe based on the food you have, the fridge will arrange for your LG oven to preheat and Alexa will be used to give you the voice commands for getting the cooking started. The LG fridge has the speakers inside capable of doing this along with playing your favourite cooking playlist. As you’re instructed through food preparation and loading into the oven you can then walk away until dinner is ready, receive a notification on your smartphone that you’re meal is ready to eat. If you have an LG ThinQ ready TV you’ll also be able to track the cooking process while watching a movie.

The oven knows what it cooked because of the recipe the fridge sent across. So now the LG oven is going to send this information to the dishwasher because a greasier meal requires longer washing periods. And so your dishwasher will be programmed and ready for your dirty dishes and pans making it a perfect clean every time.

This is one example of how the smart kitchen will work in our lives, it is also just the beginning. We’ll be hearing more about the smart home over this week at CES and we couldn’t be more excited.

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