Be honest, when was the last time you cleaned your windows – take a look, they are a bit filthy right? It’s the last thing on your mind. This year, the ultimate Window Cleaning robot is coming to Australia.

Vacuuming, Mowing the Lawns, cleaning the toilets – there’s a bunch of regular household chores that you do without giving a thought to the windows. Enter Ecovacs Robotics who just a few months ago launched in Australia with their robot vacuum – this year bringing WINBOT X their window cleaning robot to town.

The WINBOT X has a four stage cleaning process with a deep clean mode giving the window a second clean.

It sticks to the window using a fan process and can detect the edges to ensure a complete clean.

“The WINBOT X represents the next evolution in window cleaning technology. By removing the power cord, the robot is able to move freely across the surface it is cleaning, regardless of whether or not the window has a frame,” said David Qian, President of the International Business Unit at ECOVACS ROBOTICS.

If you’re worried about the WINBOT X falling off the window – it has a tether system to keep it safe if anything happens.

The WINBOT X is set to hit Australia mid-year. Pricing and retailers will be announced during the year.