The PicoBrew is like a little Thermy only it makes beer, not hot wet rice. This little wonder replicates the beer brewing process in a machine that fits on your bench top.

The folks at PicoBrew say, “it just makes sense that the freshest ingredients make the best and freshest craft beers”. To achieve this you simply pop a PicoPak in and 7 to 14 days later, depending on the brew, you will be enjoying an exact replica of a beer from any one of 170 brewery partners from around the world. The machine even recognises each specific PicoPak and the required recipe based on an identifier tag. Further, you can monitor the entire brewing process on your phone with the PicoBrew app.

By using the PicoBrew machine and a PicoPak you are assured of consistent results. Gone are the days of Dad’s shonky home brew exploding in the laundry tub! Best still, you can make adjustments to each brew, adding your own signature to each batch.

By using the PicoBrew “BrewMarketplace” you get to meet each of the brewery partners, read a bio on them and then order the associated PicoPak.

It can’t all be this good, surely. Er, well, no. Firstly, international shipping of the PicoBrew and PicoPaks is currently unavailable. have been promised that delivery to Oz should be available by mid 2018. Worse still, the optional still will only ever be able to be used for distilling essential oils. Making home distilled alcohol is illegal in Australia, despite the PicoBrew bourbon being delicious.

A highly recommended little gizmo from CES, Las Vegas. Cost will be about $800 when it comes to us.