We have seen in recent years of the release of smart padlocks. Padlocks that require bluetooth connection to your smart phone and unlocking it using an app. A company called Benjilock have announced something here at CES which is a smart padlock with a fingerprint reader built in.

They have removed the added complexity of having to open a smartphone app but rather rely on your fingerprint to unlock it in the same way we unlock many smartphones today.

The padlock comes with a rechargeable battery and is weatherproof thanks to the extra layer of protection. The padlock comes in two sizes and allows up to four users to add their fingerprints. Benjilock would be perfect for use on a tradies tool box or storage shed where there are shared by multiple users. It will come with the traditional key for peace of mind.

No news on a release date but expect these to be available sometime this year through their website Benjilock.com