In-home fragrances have always been a thing and most recently, mixing scented oils in diffusers to create smell recipes has really taken off. There has been a lot happening in the smart home space but what Moodo have come up with is a fragrance box designed to create a mood and ambiance in our homes.

Scents are a personal thing and our moods can can change. By using families of capsules that have been tested to work together, the fragrance box is able to mix the fragrances instantly to release a fragrance that expresses your mood in that moment. There are 20 individual fragrance pods available.

The smartphone app gives the user complete control of the intensity of the fragrance but the one feature that changes the fragrance game is the ability to shuffle scents. After a while our noses get used to the smell in our home. Thanks to the Moodo Shuffle feature, the user can set up recipes to change throughout the day.

Moodo can be controlled by Amazon Alexa with Apple Homekit and Google Home support to come.

Moodo is available now complete with three scent families starting at USD$189 from