Generally, if you have an electric toothbrush you’re doing the best you can for your choppers. The humble toothbrush has come a long way with some even using Bluetooth and apps to help guide you through one of life’s most mundane tasks. But as is often the case at CES we were surprised to see a completely new development, a kid’s Augmented Reality (AR) enabled toothbrush of all things!

Magik has created a toothbrush that turns any smartphone into basically a game console in front of the bathroom mirror. Via an app the user can see an image of themselves that creates fun filters, stickers packs and cartoon type characters to turn a much-hated necessity into a rollicking good time.

The app offers 15 different “worlds” for kids to dive into, each one has a unique set of interactive masks and imagery that rewards the child when hitting the right spots while brushing. They can decide on a pirate or royal princess theme or go on a magic kingdom adventure for example. Stickers are given out as an award for good brushing.

The toothbrush itself uses tracking technology to detect movement and speed. Parents can also remotely “drop in” and remotely monitor how thoroughly their kid is really performing. The app offers feedback and even fun advice on how to correctly achieve those pearly whites.

“Games are proven to keep the attention of children, so why not use that to combat and eradicate cavities?” says Thomas Serval, CEO, Chairman, and Co-Founder of Kolibree the makers of Magik.

“Magik is the start of our vision to transform the way children approach oral care routines, from an obligatory chore to a fun and educational pillar of their night-time routine.”

Sure, this is basically more late-night screen time, but if this often-tedious chore can be both fun and rewarding than surely, it’s a winner?