Today in Las Vegas, just hours before CES officially opens, Samsung unveiled some new features and technology in their TV range. The product that stole the show however was a 146 inch television.

Last year Samsung captured the living room wall with a TV that looked just like a picture frame, today they stole the whole… wall. Naming the TV “The Wall”, at 146 inches it is exactly that. A massive wall.

Made as a modular TV, The Wall from Samsung is actually made up of lots of little connected LED panels to form one big television. Samsung have announced micro-LED technology which is said to be the smallest LEDs on the planet as they continue to avoid OLED in their battle with LG for the best picture quality.

8K vs 4K showing a 1080P image

The TV, while being completely unavailable, is a signal to the other brands that Samsung is fighting with all their limbs still and the battle is far from over. This evening Samsung also showed an 85inch 8K television to highlight how far they are coming in technology, the 8K model won’t see Australian shores this year but will go on sale in the US in the second half of the year. The 8K panel was displayed showing how it uses artificial intelligence to upscale and improve the picture quality from 1080P and 4K. They did this by using an 85inch 4K TV side by side, yep – that uber expensive TV from 2017 is outdated.


We’ll have more from Samsung during the week.