Today at CES in Las Vegas, we met a company that is about to enter our wine cellars and add some smarts to the wine experience. Caveasy is a company that saw the need for a better way of finding their wine among all the bottles you own.

Available in individual rows it allows you to stack the racks connected via USB so you can have shelving five wide and one row high, or up to 256 rows if you really want.

Once the racks are assembled and connected you can use your smart phone to tell the rack what wine you are putting in each slot. This is done through the Caveasy app which takes a photos of the label, gives you an understanding of what wine you have, what varieties and where they are located. If you want that Penfolds Grange tonight, select it in the app and when you approach the rack you’ll see it lit up and shining bright at you. It makes finding your wine easy and also logs consumption so you can plan on reordering.

Caveasy One also monitors the temperature and humidity in the environment through the sensors integrated in the wine storage to ensure the environment is kept ideal.

This is a really smart way to know what is in your wine rack, keep track of your wine and also find your wine. A really handy way to make your cellar smarter.

The system for 50 bottles (10 trays) will be offered at $531.87 and delivery is estimated for June 2018. The application will be available on iOs and Android for users of the Caveasy One system.

For more info visit Caveasy here