When you’re working on the road or get the great chance to work remotely away from your office it’s important you’ve got access to all your data and in this day of huge video, photo and even office files packing them into your PC can take up valuable space. Portable hard drives are the answer and the Samsung Portable SSD T5 is the big daddy of them all.

With modern laptops coming with ever decreasing hard drive capacities in an effort to keep the prices down you will find it hard to keep files stored locally on your machine. And for those who work collaboratively with others on photography and video projects you’ll know that sharing files from computer to computer can be a very time consuming process.

This is where a device like the T5 from Samsung really steps up. For a modern USB-C capable device you’re going to get huge transfer speeds – up to 540MB/s, meaning you can drag and drop your files, and even work directly from the portable external disk.

We tested this in Las Vegas for CES moving large video files around from PC to PC and the process was seamless.

The drive worked simply on both PC and Mac devices and also worked easily on both USB interfaces given cables for your old favourite USB and all-new USB-C ports are included with the T5 from Samsung.

It’s super light weight, and has a metal body so it can handle a drop if you were carrying it in your hand and let it slip.

On board you can run optional 256-bit hardware encryption too if data security is your concern.

These are not cheap – $179 for 250GB, the 1TB we’ve been using comes in around $599. The investment though spans multiple computers, and offers fast and reliable data access from any computer.

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