Workplace injuries are a real and ever increasing thing and companies are investing big money into minimising those injuries and getting workers back to work. Often the cause of injuries such as back and muscle injuries are hard to pinpoint, but thanks to new smart footware from ZhorTech, information is at our fingertips.

The smart shoe allows distance covered, number of stairs climbed and motion/static ratio to be tracked and activities can be altered to optimise movements more efficiently throughout the work day. The smarts in the technology can detect fatigue through a bio-mechanical analysis of your strides and activity. It will tell when a dangerous level of fatigue is reached. This information is valuable to employers to get the most out of employees without sending them to fatigue breaking point.

We’ve all been guilty of pushing our shoes to the limits, in particular our work shoes and joggers but with some helpful assistance from the smart sensors the remaining cushioning in the shoe is measured and will advise that it’s time to get into a new pair of shoes to prevent injury or poor posture.

The ZhorTech smart shoe is equally valuable in sport as it is in the workplace by accurately tracking steps and fatigue to prevent those sport related injuries. We spend a lot of time on our feet, no more so than this week covering CES, so expect to see smart shoes become more mainstream.