While the official announcement of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 is still some days away, it seems we know a lot more than we might normally hope, both officially and unofficially.

The invitation itself pointed to the obvious focus on the camera on this new device.

Then there was the famous EVleaks reveal of the device itself.

Now Samsung have released official trailers for the device, each seemingly teasing one unamed feature of the new phone.

Here’s what we reckon is coming:

Slow Motion Camera

Slow-Mo has been a feature of plenty of cameras for a while, but it is Sony who leads this space with a staggering slow-mo capability.

Seems Samsung wants to take it further on their devices – perhaps not to Sony levels, and this teaser gives us that sense:


We can all see what’s going on here, Samsung is looking to follow Apple’s animoji’s with their own style.  Said by insiders to be more of a Bitmoji like full body character, this teaser indicates that it will as per the iPhone X use the advanced facial tracking of the cameras and sensors – this time on the Galaxy S9 – to perform this feature.

Low Light camera performance.

As cameras peak in basic quality, one feature where each stands apart is low-light performance.

This teaser commercial seems to indicate quite clearly that the Samsung Galaxy S9 is going to have some serious low-light capabilities:

Full details of the 2018 flagship devices for Samsung will be revealed in two weeks time in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress.

Stay tuned to EFTM, we’ll be on the ground in Spain with all the news.