Not only has there been a shortage of webcams to buy in-stores during the COVID-19 Pandemic, but there’s also been a stark realisation that the webcams built into most laptops are rubbish.

So, GoPro, following the lead of many other camera manufacturers, has introduced a firmware update for the Hero 8 Black GoPro to allow it to be used as a Webcam.

Currently only available on MacOS with Windows Support due soon, all you need is a Hero 8 Black, a USB-C cable to connect between your computer and the GoPro, and some sort of mounting plan for the GoPro.

Once you’ve done a firmware upgrade, and followed all the instructions you can find on the GoPro website, you can then select your GoPro as the source camera for a huge range of video conferencing solutions, including Zoom, Skype, Google Meet and many more.

So if you’re not getting out and about to use your GoPro, put it to use while you’re stuck at home.

Using the Wider angle lens, expect GoPros to be used for courses and classes all around the world.