Australia’s fourth largest mobile service provider ‘Amaysim’ has released a scan of user activity on the most loved up day of the year, and the results are music to the ears of romantics.

The report detailed a 39% overall drop in data usage on the night when compared to a regular Wednesday night, pointing to an apparent Australia wide ‘no phone zone’ for their users on the special night. Apart from this huge slump in activity at night, morning text messages saw a 46% increase in their usual volumes. So Amaysim users have been digitally loved up in the morning and hopefully spending time with their partners come the night.

Social media data usage also copped a whopping 77% hit to its usual Wednesday numbers, which further points to more couples spending the day together rather than scrolling through their usual social media feeds.

One Queensland resident even rang the same number 146 times over the course of the day. Who’s to say whether this particular example is a case of lovey dovey romance or is just a little bit dodgy, we’ll let you be the judge.

Julian Ogrin, CEO of amaysim was incredibly pleased with the results of the study, stating that “Our first love is our customers, and we are very happy when they put their phones aside on a special day like this. Time together is the most valuable thing and our best in class customer experience platform empowers people to get on with living.”

Who says romance is dead?