If you’re looking for a big pain in the butt for huge numbers of smartphone owners it’s the cost of screen repairs as these fragile devices slip from our hands and cause costly damage.

OPPO has recognised this and for their flagship R11s and R11s Plus phones they today announced free screen repairs for the first six months.

Of course, a device should last longer than that, but perhaps those early days getting comfortable with the new phone are when you are at the most risk –

Aussie boss of OPPO Michael Tran said “We’re constantly looking for ways to provide added value to our customers. Back in 2014 we started shipping our devices with free screen protectors and cases, which was almost unheard of and really well received by our customers. With this latest initiative, we’re taking that a step further.

“We have complete confidence that the screens are of the highest standard and durability. However, even with screen protectors and cases, we know that accidents happen, which can be frustrating and costly for consumers. We hope this gives them added comfort, knowing that they’re covered and a broken screen won’t break the bank,” .

The OPPO repair centre is in Sydney, and you can either post your device in or walk-in to talk to an OPPO team member..

“Unlike other manufacturers, we manage all repairs in-house, so consumers can rest assured that their product is being looked after by a dedicated OPPO specialist,” said Tran – clearly seeking to establish a higher ground in the battleground that is mid-range smartphones in Australia.