Ever gone on a sightseeing tour of a city and been completely underwhelmed? Here’s a possible answer to your problems.

Roamni, the fresh travel share app aims to pair locals with an excellent knowledge of their surroundings with travellers who are looking to immerse themselves in the place that they are visiting.

The app has been developed in conjunction with an RMIT university start up venture program, and acts as a marketplace for both locals who want to create and sell tours, and travellers who would like to purchase a tour for the fraction of the price of a generic walking tour. These audio guides are currently available for download, and uploaders can set their price, either free, or $1.99 to $6.99 per podcast.

Though the selection of tours is fairly small at the moment, as the app garners more interest from the public, it could begin to take a lot of business off tour companies within the major cities of Australia. Co creator Greg Curcio has exceptionally high hopes for the new app, “Through our own personal experiences of feeling disconnected from a city and its people due to cookie cutter tours, we saw a gap in the market for sharing personal stories and experiences that allow visitors to experience the locals guide to a city. The places locals go to eat, drink and play that may not always be in the guidebooks”.

Now Roamni has called for more people to begin creating and selling tours through their app in order to build a more complete database for travelers to access. For example, tours could be about where to shop in Richmond, where to eat in Collingwood, or the best nightclubs to hit in the city after dark.

What better way to earn a little bit of extra cash than by showing your favourite town to the world?

Roamni is available for free download on the App Store.