With the Winter Olympics about to kick off you might notice one thing about many of the athletes taking place – their goggles. Many will choose Oakley goggles and the reason isn’t just sponsorship or the cool brand – they actually help them see more.

Oakley’s “Prizm” lens technology is backed by decades of research by Oakley and quite simply optimises the viewing experience by enhancing the details you see.  All Oakley athletes will be wearing them during the PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

Here’s an example provided by Oakley:

Now if the improvement is anything like that, you can see how important a good lens is – the detail in the snow which might make all the difference on the slopes.

To celebrate the games, Oakley has launched a new limited edition collection called “Harmony Fade” which features an orange and yellow colour scheme inspired by the sun which “lights the path of athletes” and the orange “to represent the fire that burns inside each competitor”.

Classic Oakley as you can see – so keep an eye out for them during the Winter Games, or buy your own at Oakley retailers.