When you think of TV Wall mounts most of the time these days they are flat, super thin and fixed flat to the wall given the huge growth in super flat big-screen TVs lately.  What if you wanted something that twisted toward your optimal viewing position – well check out the Vogel’s Motion Mount!

Honestly, this thing is mind-blowing. We chose to install this in a location where an angled TV viewing position is required and it’s really worked.

Flat against the wall this TV is off centre and hard to see from all but one viewing position.  On an angle it’s ideal. Yes there are articulating angled brackets out there – but do you really want to get up and move it?  And will you remember to push it back against the wall when you’re done?  Nope.

Vogel’s MotionMount (Flex 7355 tested) solves all this and more.

Your TV power comes through the MotionMount, and your signal cables run through the entire bracket.  The reason the power is dependant on the wall-mount is so that the MotionMount knows if your TV is on or off – that being it’s party trick.

Turn the TV on and it immediately comes out from the wall to the last used viewing position.  Turn the TV off and it goes back against the wall.

We’ve tested this with a 2016 Samsung Smart TV and it looks and works quite well.  In fact the TV sits flatter against the wall than I might have imagined.

Like clockwork, the TV returns to the wall after each viewing, and comes out whenever it’s powered on. However, we did hit a snag.  Strangely the TV would return to the wall in between movies, TV shows or even on some YouTube clips.

It took a bit of digging, but we discovered that because this Samsung TV has an Eco mode, it intelligently draws less power when there is less to show on the screen (like a black screen or just one word on screen.) – so the mount would think it was off.

There are options within the Vogels app to adjust the sensitivity, but we found success by disabling that Eco mode on the TV itself.

Speaking of the app, pretty cool stuff – not 100% reliable for grabbing that Bluetooth connection to the Vogels, but it worked in the main.

Within it you can set preset locations for the TV, and name them as you choose, plus you can manually control the TV position for those random changes in viewing angles.

Overall this is one hell of an impressive unit – it would want to be for $1,299 though.  There are a few models and sizes, but for most modern TVs the 7355 would seem to be ideal.

Your mate are going to be blown away!

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