An amazing story surfaced today of a Federal MP claiming extraordinary costs from the taxpayer for his home internet bill.  Several thousand dollars a month – how could this be?

From March to June Mr Robert claimed a staggering $8655 from his entitlements against his home internet service.  Just think about that – four months, $8655.  I have two NBN connections at my home, both unlimited, both at the highest available speeds – it would take me 45 months to rack up an $8655 bill!

So how did it happen?

Mr Robert lives in a remote part of the Gold Coast, according to him “a long way from the exchange”.  His claims just a few years ago were for $70 odd a month, so he had internet, we can only assume that was ADSL.

However, to ensure a “reliable and stable” internet connection, Mr Robert hooked up a 4G internet service.  We all know those ain’t cheap.

But for many, like Mr Robert, they are the only option.  No NBN yet, so to get speeds suitable for a modern businessman let alone politician, 4G it was.

I accept that.  But he claims to have had a 50GB limit, and paid per GB after that.  He’s been using almost 300GB it seems, because at $10 per 1GB he’s been clocking up those bills.

But here’s the real issue.  At some point didn’t it seem just ludicrous that you would be paying $1000 for internet?  Let alone over $2,000?

Bloody oath.  Any regular Aussie would have simply curbed their usage.  Tell the kids to knock off the streaming, pair back you usage.

A smart Aussie would simply sign up to a different service, maybe two of them.

Two Optus 4G Home Wireless Services would cost $180 a month, and give you 500GB of data.  Come on folks, that’s the solution.

Word is he’s going to pay the money back.  Let’s hope he finds a better solution.  And Mr Robert, if you need some advice on finding a good deal – Ask Trev!

He also reports today that he has an NBN installation appointment booked.