Over ten years ago Giancarlo Fisichella took an easy win at the Australian Grand Prix while driving for Renault. Years later, after leaving Formula 1, Fisico will return to Albert Park… in a Ferrari.

Pulling into Melbourne in a couple of weeks the Australian GP series will see a field full of modified supercars including this sexy Kaspersky sponsored Ferrari 488. The man behind the wheel is the former F1 driver and with any luck he’ll see another victory at Albert Park.

Fisico tells fans down under, “I have participated in many races in different countries around the world, but racing in Australia is always something special for me. I have great memories of Albert Park, above all the pole position and victory in F1® in 2005. I am also really proud to be the brand ambassador of Kaspersky Lab in Australia, which is giving me the great opportunity to race the Ferrari 488 GT3 of Maranello Motorsport”.

Kaspersky isn’t only seen on this Ferrari in Melbourne, it is also a long term sponsor of the Ferrari Formula 1 team. CEO of Kaspersky, Eugene tells us “When we do something at Kaspersky Lab we strive to do it better than anyone else and most importantly, we do it differently. When we invest in brand development, and therefore in every Motorsport partnership we have also beyond Formula 1 and GT Championship, we will only do so with brands that share the same values as us, which means they must be innovators and leaders; with a commitment to quality and a constant desire to succeed”.

We’ll be trackside in Melbourne to this all unfold. We hope to see you there!