This ladies and gentlemen is a warning for all parents of little toddlers, those fun little kids who you might let play with your phone for a while as you make dinner, clean the house or while waiting for the doctor who is as always – running late.

Caution – you might lose access to your phone not for minutes but for decades.

One poor mum in China has had her phone locked for almost 48 years by her toddler.  Yep, 48 years.

47.7 to be precise, or even more accurately 25,113,676 minutes.

You see, when you get to the lock screen of a phone, and need to put in the passcode, if you get it wrong a few times you are told to wait.

After waiting, if you get it wrong again that wait time gets longer.  When you wait again and get it wrong it gets longer and longer again.  This process is repeated, until low and behold – you are locked out of your phone for almost half a century.

There’s no way around it either, the phone has to be wiped to start all over again.

Or perhaps put it, with a cable and charger, in a time capsule, something fun for people to discover in 47 years time?  Make sure you leave a note with the correct passcode though – or they might be waiting another 50 years if they stuff it up.