I love gaming, but I’m not much good at it, nor do I have that much time for it – which is why impressive games stand out to me. Games that hook me in with their graphics, gameplay or storyline. Far Cry 5 is one such game and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

I interviewed the mastermind behind this game Dan Hay and his story of the game convinced me to give it a go.

Loaded onto my PS4 (Also available on Xbox and PC) I turned down the lights, put my feet up and buckled up for a ride into the world of Far Cry 5.

I asked Dan Hay if this was one of “those games” which requires you to play through the script like a movie – completing objective after objective moving onto the next to get to the end of the game. He was adamant it wasn’t telling me “There’s a little bit of context at the beginning that lets you meet The Father, and lets you go in and try and take him and right afterwards you’re out in the open world”

And he was right – probably 45 minutes of gameplay and story watching to get to a position where it’s a free-roam open world and this is one hell of an extensive map too.

Back to “The Father” and this is the critical character in the whole game. This cult leader is taking over people’s lives, peoples minds, people’s properties and this whole area and you’re role as a Deputy Sherif is to take him down.

You build up “the resistance” by liberating people, farms, properties and essentially killing all the baddies.

But here’s the thing, you can do it at your pace – in your own style.

I’m not one for missions, but the one’s I’ve stumbled upon have been fun. Many I’ve nailed first go, some I’ve taken a few attempts at, but in the end – it’s been rewarding.

I know I love it because I’ve locked myself in the man-cave for several nights trying to find more. I’m not trying to complete the game, I’m just trying to explore it.

I’ve got my own chopper now, I’ve bought some sick weapons and I know my place.

Honestly, I’ve not enjoyed a game this much since Grand Theft Auto V, and as a “First Person Shooter” It’s utterly sensational.

The swearing in it is next level so it’s not one for the kiddies at all, this is for mum or dad to sit back, enjoy.

Graphically Far Cry 5 is beautiful. The detail in the landscape, let alone the buildings is immense – as is the scale of this whole place.

There are cars to drive, boats to jump in, even planes to find and fly. Weapons to craft, ammo to find and people and places to loot.

Having purchased some “silver bars” from the Playstation store using cold hard Aussie Dollars, I’d like for that to be able to be converted to in-game cash, but unfortunately there are some things you can buy with in-game currency and other things you can buy with Silver Bars (like some weapons and vehicles). That’s my only complaint.

I love it, it’s a fantastic story with many many smaller storylines within it. I could play it for days, but I need to see my family now.