Samsung’s “go big or go home” 2018 TV prices – 75 inches from $3,999

In New York last month Samsung set the bar high – with Go Big or Go Home being a very clear theme,  announcing fie 75 inch TVs as well as the fancy new “Ambient Mode” feature which lets the TV blend into your wall.

After the hype of the features, it’s time to see the pricing, with Samsung today announcing retail pricing for all but one range.  The Q6F is the entry level TV with their “QLED” technology and with the low price premium market so competitive, perhaps they’re waiting to see what their competition sets prices at first.

The top of the line big baby is the Q9F 75 inch, and at $10,499 it’s not for every budget.  However at that size you’re really going to want that Ambient Mode or it’s going to be a big black box on the wall a lot of the time.

At the bottom end of the pricing the NU7100 at 43 inches is bread-and-butter 4K technology for Samsung at $1,199, though all eyes will be on those looking to shell out $3,999 for the same model in 75 inches.

The 2018 TVs go in-store from next week (April 23) with the premium QLED series getting the best features, one-clear-cable connection and more.

Full model range and pricing:

  • Q9F 75” $10,499
  • Q9F 65” $6,999
  • Q8F 65” $5,899
  • Q8F 55” $4,099
  • Q7F 75” $8,199
  • Q7F 65” $5,299
  • Q7F 55” $3,699
  • Q6F 75” TBC
  • Q6F 65” TBC
  • Q6F 55” TBC
  • NU8500 65” $3,699
  • NU8500 55” $2,599
  • NU8000 82” $7,999
  • NU8000 75” $5,799
  • NU8000 65” $3,599
  • NU8000 55” $2,499
  • NU7100 75” $3,999
  • NU7100 65” $2,699
  • NU7100 55” $1,799
  • NU7100 49” $1,499
  • NU7100 43” $1,199

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Samsung’s “go big or go home” 2018 TV prices – 75 inches from $3,999
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