Congestion is up, installations done right first time are down and faults being rectified on time are down – bad news for the NBN, but in reality another great month as we look at the new monthly report card for the NBN for just the second time.

3.7 million homes and businesses are now connected to the NBN and the really amazing statistic is that in one year the number of people on those slowest plans of 25mbps or less has dropped from 84% of homes to 63% this month.

That’s a million homes that have switched up a gear to the 50mbps or higher speed plans after a significant change in NBN wholesale pricing structures saw people on 25mbps get 50 for the same price.  Largely that’s thanks to Telstra implementing a speed improvement at no extra cost for almost a million customers.

It’s an important step up as the NBN perception is often based just on people’s experience with speed, the other indicator of someone’s NBN view is their own connection timeframe – when is it coming and how complex was it to get installed?

Installations show up in this month’s data with the “right first time” numbers dropping from 89% to 87% – however NBN sources tell EFTM this is due to the clearing of a backlog of installations that were unable to be completed first time – so a large number of connections this month were in fact failed the first time some months ago – that backlog being cleared will bode well for the stats in the months ahead.

Congestion is up to 18 minutes – PER WEEK .- from 12, and it’s still nothing to blink at.

All in all – more solid progress.  With FTTC about to kick off, and the HFC network roll-out recommencing – the coming 4-6 months will likely see a dramatic increase in connected homes – as that ramps up, the challenge for the NBN is to keep the installation and customer service numbers on track.