Email from Frank in Brighton Le Sands NSW

Frank Says: Hi Trevor ,miss you on 2ue .tech question been answered by u where great and informative ,how can I listen to you and learn ,what a bloody shame ,can you let me know on what programm are u on now please ,regards frank ,PS do you think there will be SE 2 soon I want one,I like small phones

Trev Says:

Good on you Frank, thanks mate. I’m on Triple M overnights every Wednesday, and often on the Grill Team there too – but no talkback tech at this time in Sydney mate. Thanks for your kind words!

As for the iPhone – There’s nothing official, though I – like you – think there should be! I wouldn’t mind having money on there being one announced this year, though it won’t be in September with the big phones, more likely it might be announced NEXT WEEK at Apple’s WWDC in San Jose – fingers crossed.