Moisturising and cleaning your face with “product” might sound like something only the ladies are doing. But more and more we continue to see products in this category for men and unless you’ve tried them, you cannot bag them.

With winter setting in now also we are all much more likely to get drier skin and blemishes which let’s be honest are not attractive. If we’re bothered by a stain on the wall or paint peeling then why wouldn’t we care about the same issues on our faces? I think we’re all convinced, but what are my options? We’ve taken a look at two recently.

Bulldog Skincare for Men

Fresh from Britain this brand is bringing simple and effective products to Australia. With mostly natural ingredients, not tested on animals, no artificial colouring etc, this brand ticks the boxes in all the areas they should in 2018. The moisturiser is their proudest product, they sell one every 15 seconds and for those with a beard, they also sell beard oil to keep your whispers and skin healthy.

These straightforward products are available at Woolworths and Priceline right now, they’ll improve your skin and as you’ll see – they wont break the bank.

Bulldog Skincare Original Moisturiser RRP $11.95

Bulldog Skincare Original Face Wash RRP $9.95

Bulldog Skincare Original Face Scrub RRP $9.95


Without even talking about the contents, the product packaging and bottles are just sexy, they will look good in any bathroom. The anti-aging, organic creams are all going to work damn hard to make you handsome by name. The facial scrub was a good one to use and really did make a big difference in how our faces felt and the shaving gel made a great alternative to the usual shaving cream we lather on. We also tested a cologne but if we’re honest, didn’t meet the approval of the missus, tastes may vary!

The products from Handsome are a little more expensive but they may be the extra bit that you really needed. We’re loving this one though.

FACIAL WASH – $19.95
SHAVE GEL – $17.95
#1 FRAGRANCE – $49.95

More info: here