The sound from your TV is the one thing that isn’t always great no matter how much you spend, but it’s also one of the few things that can be fixed after you’ve bought that new TV. JBL have released their all-new JBL BAR series soundbars into Australia and they’re looking and sounding good.

I had a listen to these at the JBL offices recently, they are just what you’d hope from JBL in terms of sound pedigree and overall performance and as an item in your lounge room they offer more than just a TV sound experience.

With wireless input as well as your TV sound it’s a whole of room entertainment device to offer background music at a dinner party or the whole party sound when things need it.

“With the all-new JBL BAR series, we redefine the home theatre experience by delivering epic JBL Signature Sound in a sleek and stylish package,” said Marcus Fry, Brand Activation Director, of AUNZ at HARMAN. “Designed with the user in mind, it is the ultimate home audio solution for every type of listener, and the perfect accent to any living space.”

Call it good, better, best, or perhaps JBL might prefer Great, Awesome and Outstanding but there’s three soundbars in the range with a smart version to come later in the year.

2.1 & BAR STUDIO Series


This is your entry level unit kicking off the range at $495 the 2.1 is great for a smaller rooms – or budgets, but still offers great sound and streaming options.  It’s slim, easy to use and has a HDMI ARC plus virtual surround sound.  The .1 on all of these mean you’re getting a subwoofer for the bass and that’s important for movie and game lovers.  Plus, the soundbar is wireless too.

JBL 3.1 BAR Series

Stepping it up to $695, the 3.1 offers more power – yep, more power (450W – up from the 300W in the 2.1)  – a bigger sound, plus Dolby Digital with wireless sound again being important.  You can have three 4K devices attached and inside there’s a dedicated amp for the speakers and centre channel giving a clear crisp sound too.

JBL’s “SoundShift” technology means you can “instantly switch” between TV sound and your mobile stream – worth a listen we reckon!

JBL BAR 5.1 Flagship Sound Experience

Then there’s this – and you’ll wanna consider it – at $995 it’s by no means the most expensive sound bar out there, but for what you get it’s some bloody great value.  The 5.1 has detachable rear-speakers – something I’ve only seen once before, and they are wireless and have a 10 hour battery life, so enough for a movie marathon.

510W total power, three 4K inputs, DTS sound this is some serious sound action and for anyone spending $3k plus on a TV it’s a must have, and frankly, for those spending a lot less this will make your whole lounge sound like a proper theatre regardless of the screen.

JBL LINK BAR – Coming Soon

Revealed recently, this guy will have Google Assistant built-in.  OK Google, listen to bluetooth perhaps, but whatever it works out as the main use cases it’s going to be your personal assistant there built into your lounge room – with all the great sound features too.

It’s a solid range, we’ve already found Harvey Norman stocking the 2.1 , 3.1 and 5.1 today!