As the 2018 range of TVs from all the big brands start to hit the stores, Netflix has lifted the curtain on their certification process showing what it takes to receive the “Netflix Recommended TV” label and there are two brands rolling them out in stores this year so far.

LG 4K TVs which have the latest webOS version 4.0 and Sony’s W800F and WF800 series Android TVs both get the rubber stamp after meeting the criteria set by Netflix.

There are seven criteria Netflix is looking for in TVs and they must meet five of them to get the tick. They are:

  • TV Instant on – It should start up and be ready to go “just like your smartphone”
  • Fast App Launch – No matter when you launch Netflix it should be fast!
  • A dedicated Netflix button on the remote – A button that powers on and launches Netflix in one click!
  • Easy Netflix Icon access – Easy to find, easy to access
  • TV Resume function – When powered on, TV should resume where it left off
  • High-res Netflix interface – at least 1080p resolution.
  • Latest Netflix Interface – Obvious really

With just two manufacturers getting the tick up front for their 2018 it’s clear there’s work to be done for many, and or many more to be announced.

Netflix uses this process to tighten its strangle hold on the streaming industry. That remote control button makes it very hard for Netflix to disappear from the landscape.

There’s no doubt the experience on a Netflix Recommended TV is superior than any other process, so for those who use Netflix a lot, the choice of a recommended TV can make for a wonderful viewing experience.