There has long been a debate in Australia around pizza, the toppings on the Italian invention is a hot topic when you and friends try to decide which one to order. Does pineapple belong on pizza? Is Margherita just completely boring? Some recent data from Menulog has put a real focus on our love for pizza and settled some long held debates.

  • Do we love pizza? Yep, Aussies ordered four million pizza’s in 2017
  • Our favourite topping? Margherita! Followed closely by Hawaiian
  • So what about that yellow fruit that makes a Hawaiian more than just cheese and bacon? We’ve opted for the pineapple time and time again… 825,000 pizzas came with pineapple, 200,000 of orders had EXTRA pineapple added and only 7,000 chose to remove it from their order (were they all me?).
  • Hey people in St. Kilda, you guys ordered the most pizza. Penrith folk, you guys order the second most.
  • Pizza obviously fits into the Italian food category, the most popular category for the past twelve years.

Are you surprised? Are you disappointed that we’re such pineapple lovers? How on earth did 200,000 pizza orders opt for extra pineapple? The madness…