I have wondered recently why some Uber drivers have an Uber logo in the back window of their car and others don’t.  Turns out, it’s part of the new NSW Government legislation regarding point-to-point hire vehicles and there’s a fine attached to the legislation too.

Uber drivers are discussing this online, wondering if there really is a fine, and it turns out without question there is.  The fine is $150 if you don’t have a “retroflective sign” displayed.

The actual legislation referenced in the fine says (Clause 20 part 2) –

The driver of a hire vehicle (other than a motor cycle) that is being used to provide a passenger service must ensure that a retroflective sign is displayed on or attached to the vehicle that:

(a)  makes it apparent that the vehicle is a hire vehicle, and

(b)  is located on or near the rear of the driver’s side of the vehicle, and

(c)  is clearly visible from the outside of the vehicle.

(3)  The sign may be in the form of an identifying logo or other business identification.

What’s interesting is that many of the ones I’ve seen look more like logos printed out on paper stuck on with sticky tape, not sure how retroflective they are:)

Apparently the Uber office in Sydney can provide the signs to drivers if asked also.

So there you go, that’s why the Uber logo is popping up on the rear window of cars, and that’s the fine for Uber drivers if they don’t display it!