The race for the connected skies is most certainly on in earnest, with both Virgin Australia and Qantas pushing the roll out of Internet enabled WiFi on their domestic planes throughout this year.

Boeing 737’s have been the airliner of choice to start the roll out, but Qantas has dipped it’s toe in the water for their Airbus fleet too with the first of their A330 aircraft fitted with WiFi recently.

That A330 is now undergoing certification testing and will be connecting passengers within the first weeks of June.

Qantas say that by the end of 2018 75% of their 80 strong domestic fleet of 737’s and A330’s will have WiFi.

While in the air most people are using the web, email and social media, while some are even shopping with plenty of Bose noise cancelling headphones being purchased as well as Fitbits and even other flights!

Qantas has also announced Audible audio books and Apple Music streaming are now available free to passengers with introductory trials all part of the incentive to connect and use the WiFi system.

Still a long way to go before every plane is connected, so it’s a roll of the dice every time you fly as to whether or not you’ll get the Internet, but the odds are starting to be stacked much more in your favour.