I just checked – I’ve called Ruslan Kogan crazy at least twice on this website, and probably a fair few more times on the radio.  Today, he deserves that title.

Pop over to JB HiFi and check out the 75 inch TVs they have on sale.  75 inches is ENORMOUS by the way.

So if you can pick up a big brand for around $5500, You’d think Ruslan Kogan at Kogan.com would be thinking about $3500 for his new 75 inch 4K TV.


Try $1,999.

Available now for pre-order, and only for those in Sydney and Melbourne, it’s a bloody special price.


Kogan are spruiking the TV as having a 120Hz “Samsung Panel”, meaning the actual screen panel comes from Samsung’s factory.  What it doesn’t mean is that the TV will be the same quality as a Samsung one.  There’s image processing, upscaling and a whole lot more that contributes to that.

But, if go big or go home is your motto, this is IT.

If you have 4K Netflix on a Google Chromecast Ultra, or a 4K BluRay player – the quality will be sensational.

Plus, as with almost all Kogan TVs, there’s a built-in PVR if you throw a USB Hard Drive onto the box.

“The Kogan 75” 4K LED TV is the most affordable TV of its size in the Australian market right now, available at a fraction of the cost of its closest competitors,” said Sergiy Bobrovnychyy, Product Manager at Kogan.com.

“The newest addition to the Kogan TV range is packed with the best features, but at a cost that’s more accessible and affordable for everyone.

“Kogan TVs were the only ones in recent Canstar research to receive a 5 star award for value for money – beating out many household brands. This TV is no exception.

Sergiv speaking on behalf of Kogan.com – presumably because Ruslan has lost his mind.

Web: Kogan.com