This week in the EFTM Man Cave is one of Radio’s best known names.  John Laws is a talkback radio pioneer who over a career of many decades has been the number 1 broadcaster in Australia and given a voice to many everyday Aussies.

Today, he broadcasts the John Laws Morning Show from Sydney’s 2SM and the show goes out across a huge regional network in NSW and QLD.

We were privileged to sit inside “The Fortress” and watch the master at work, then sit down and chat about Cars, Tech and Life with John Laws.

He talks about his love for Rolls Royce, his current collection of cars and the size of his collection at its peak.  We reminisce about the early days of the internet when emails were just a new thing for talk radio, and we discuss the future of radio, his views on the demise of the once iconic 2UE and just whether or not Kyle Sandilands has what it takes to make the shift over to talkback.

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