Google Home may seem pointless to many a person. The sceptics think the little device is eavesdropping on your every word, others think it has a direct line to the Kremlin. As a speaker I find it as aurally pleasing as a transistor radio tuned to an AM station and frankly it probably needs a pair of hearing aids. The number of times I’ve asked “What is the weather today” and have been given directions to my local Chinese restaurant is remarkable.

For me Google Home has basically become a remote control. It can turn my lights on, open the garage, send music to my celling speakers and even boil the kettle. But it’s the novelty factor that has been of most use recently. Distracting my manic 1-year-old is hard, but not so with some probing questions directed towards my little white and grey friend. Hey Google, what does an Elephant sound like? That alone is enough to silence little Henry for at least five seconds. So, one day I thought I’d get obscure. The following video tells the story, how this is a feature I’ll never know. But the bloke needs to see a doctor in any case.