Get ’em while they’re hot – and while stocks last. If you’ve signed up to the Optus Sport premium service and want to watch the World Cup, Optus are giving away FREE Fetch Mini boxes right now – until Friday.

This is actually a cracking good deal – the box is $168 to buy outright at Harvey Norman, but the difference here is, not only is the device FREE, but it comes with Optus’ pre-loaded version of the Fetch TV system – and that includes the Optus Sport channels.

So you can be a Telstra home broadband customer, with a Vodafone mobile phone – and use this Free Fetch TV mini to watch the world cup.

All the streaming will count toward your home broadband data – but hey – anything to get the World Cup right?

The box is yours, you can watch all your Free to Air on it too, plus you can add on Fetch TV channel packs if you wish – so all in all not a bad deal.

No doubt the big catch will be stock. Getting one at your local store – so get in fast.

Update: 3.30pm – Customers are reporting various responses from Optus Stores. Some have obtained the box;

Others are being told their internal systems cannot take the orders right now.

Others have told EFTM that Optus store staff have advised them they cannot “provision” the sets as their “internal systems won’t allow it” – and they are unable to hold devices for people who turn up in store.

Seems Optus has a lot more to sort out – not just streaming issues.

Details: Optus