How often do you forget where you left your keys, can’t remember where your wallet is – or left your umbrella behind. Now there’s a gadget to help with all those situations!

This morning on The Today Show I showed off a bunch of gadgets made to save you the trouble of searching!

Find your Keys

Easily the most popular thing out there, these little Bluetooth trackers are constantly pinging their signal trying to touch base with a phone. If they connect to your phone and you’ve registered that device they save their location. You can open the app at any time press a button and if they are nearby they make a noise so you can find them.

Orbit have replaceable batteries, Tile are disposed of when they are dead – after about 12 months. They also act as a trigger for your selfie camera too if you like.

The Tile ecosystem is probably the best, with millions of users worldwide – if you mark your Tile as LOST in your app, and another Tile user walks past your lost item, you will get a notification of it’s location!

Price: Tile – $29.99, Orbit $39.95

Web: Tile or Orbit

Never lose your wallet

Exactly the same concept as the key tracker, but in a credit card shaped device.

This one can be recharged with an include clip-cable.

Price: Orbit Card – $39.95

Web: Orbit

Don’t leave your umbrella behind!

The Kisha is no special umbrella, it’s your average great brolly. But in the strap it has a small tracker device (like a Tile). Paired to your phone it will now remind you if you leave the umbrella behind!

Plus, you can set safe zones so if you leave it at home that’s fine – but if the weather is looking damp out, it will remind you to take the brolly!

Price: $USD99

Web: Kisha

Where has your dog or cat gone?

A much more advanced tracker, this little guy has GPS and a SIM CARD included. Put it on a cheap data plan and you can track your dog or cat anywhere they go, anywhere around the surburb!

The app shows you where they are in real-time, plus where they’ve been to.

Price: $279

Web: Petrek

Stolen Car? Forget where you left it??

Likewise, this guy has a SIM CARD and GPS built in. The device is hard wired to your car’s power so never needs to be touched, and can be concealed away under the dashboard.

Live tracking and historic tracking too.

Price: $279

Web: Livetrek