Late last year Netgear announced firmware upgrades to several of their modems and modem/routers to include the Circle with Disney parental control app, now at JB HiFi you can buy the original Circle with Disney to add to any existing network.

At $169 it’s a great deal, though there is of course a monthly subscription to manage mobile devices on mobile networks but it’s outstanding value given all that the device and associated apps offer.

I tested it out on my Netgear modem last year and it proved to be a very simple way to implement time and content limits on the kids devices.

The Circle with Disney device is a small cube that requires only power and a network connection – plugging into your existing modem or router to provide a set of filters and controls on your existing network.

Once configured the Circle with Disney has a long list of features:

  • Filter
    • You can filter the type of content available by family member
  • Pause
    • Someone’s in trouble? Pause their connection, blocking the internet for one child rather than the whole family.
  • Time Limits
    • Set time limits per day child by child
  • Rewards
    • Someone’s been a good boy? Give them more time in the day, or a later bed-time.
  • Usage
    • Look at what the kids have been doing on their device – right down to the app.
  • Offtime
    • Set a “no internet time” on any given day.
  • Bedtime
    • Shut off the internet for the kids devices from a set time at night until a time you choose in the morning.
  • History
    • See which websites have been viewed and blocked on a device by device basis.

It’s comprehensive, and entirely app based – easy to setup, easy to use, a great investment for any family!