Today Vodafone have announced a new approach to their NBN deals with a three pronged approach to the pain points customers have with existing telcos

Vodafone is scrapping contract plans, removing the up front modem cost and adding a new option to keep your existing landline number.

Similar to the work they did to shake up their mobile plans recently, all Vodafone NBN plans are now month to month with no ongoing commitment – giving users flexibility to switch if a better deal comes along and not feel locked in all the time.

At the same time the up front modem cost has been replaced by a $5 a month repayment to own the device, which is accompanied by a $5 monthly credit if you remain a Vodafone NBN customer.

This means that after 6 months (for example) if you take a better deal, you keep the Vodafone modem, and pay Vodafone $5 a month until it’s paid off (3 years total) no matter which telco you are with.

And finally, you love your landline so much you want to keep that number, if you are a Vodafone mobile customer they will take care of that and forward all calls made to the landline number to your mobile – $5 a month for that.

It’s a simple change which – when you are on par with price and trying to cut through – makes a big difference when attracting customers.

Vodafone’s General Manager of Fixed Broadband Matthew Lobb says “Alongside our 30 Day Network Satisfaction Guarantee and 4G Back Up they’ll deliver much-needed simplicity for customers connecting to the nbn™ and give Australians the broadband experience they deserve.”

The company is also offering a WiFi booster for $180 or $5 a month to extend your WiFi network throughout your your home for even better streaming and connectivity in all rooms.

It’s a pretty comprehensive package which comes at a time when the NBN is about to hit 4 million connected homes, yet still another 4 million to be connected.

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