From a young age, blokes see hair sprout from areas that Just Cuts don’t take help you with. Whether it is our face, chest of back, men have maintenance to do. Some let nature control the length and some like things a little shorter or completely gone, it’s a choice. We’ve found two options to address different areas in different ways…

Philips Series 9000 Laser Trimmer

By name, this product sounds like it uses lasers to trim your facial hair. What this product actually adds is a laser guide. If you’re a tradie you’ll know this sort of beam when you want to “draw” a line across the wall with a laser, same thing. Get a straight line going and keep your beard looking sharp. The trimmer also adds a clipper extension so you can adjust the length of your trim. What we also loved was being able to replace the head with a thinner clip to help with the moustache area where a wider clip would risk chunks being taken out.

The Philips Series 9000 has a stack of power too and didn’t make any sounds of struggling through beard trims.

You’ll find this in stores for $120.

Remington Quick Groom Body & Back Groomer

This one is really interesting, it’s a trimmer for below the shoulders. A hairy back? A hairy chest? Armpits? This is a wider trimmer and also comes with a handle to extend the reach down your back. It’s almost like a back scratcher with a trimmer on the end.

With a 60mm width you’ll take less time to get the groom on too, a much simpler exercise and if manscaping is your thing then it wont add hours to your routine. We liked the five clip on sizes for those who dont want an entirely silky smooth chest.

The Remington Quick Groom Body & Back Groomer is available for $129.