While it may not be the biggest deal to average commuters, regular taxi travellers who use a corporate Cabcharge system will be pleased to know that your humble Cabcharge is now available in Apple Wallet.

Sitting alongside your concert tickets, boarding passes and Bank cards (assuming your bank supports it) – Cabcharge Digital Pass allows you to tap and go your taxi ride without ever needing one of those paper tickets.

Until now there’s been three main types of “Cabcharge”. The old blank cheques which are still in circulation – big bits of paper you hand write all the information on and the cabbie gets to take and cash in.

The more recent cardboard cards which are the size of a credit card, but are single use.  Then there’s the actual Cabcharge cards – credit card like cards which Corporates issue to their key staff to pay for taxi rides.

Each of them present issues for business.  The paper and cardboard tickets are like blank cheques when they leave the building, and the Cabcharge cards are great, but still need reconciling and there’s no limit – plus you’ve gotta get them back once the staff leave.

Enter the Digital Pass – this app based “eTICKET” gets added to your Apple Wallet for tap and go usage in a cab.

The benefit here is simplicity, but also a huge advance in limits – like value limits and journey limits, so a business could issue two trips up to $100 to an individual, meaning they can’t abuse the card after those two trips, and the value limit is enforced.

“Cabcharge has been helping Australian businesses move people for more than 40 years. We started exploring a general transformation from our paper-based system and now were able to create the Digital Pass, something that can drive better travel experiences by making it easy and convenient for people to pay,” said Cabcharge CEO, Andrew Skelton.

“Using the Cabcharge eTICKET on iPhone will take away stress and drive efficiency for business travellers throughout Australia,” Skelton continues. “The end-to-end payment automation means travellers no longer have to ask for receipts at the end of their journey, as well as removing the need for another card in your wallet or purse.”

“For organisation issuing a Digital Pass, the ability to customise passes with a value amount and expiry date means all journeys are being taken for their intended purpose.

Maybe not one for you, but next time your boss hands you a cardboard Cabcharge – ask if you should be using the Digital Pass instead?