Logitech CRAFT Keyboard review: The best I’ve used all round.

It’s a big call to say this is the best keyboard I’ve used, but I say that on balance.  Not because I used it for a few days and loved the features, but because of what it offers as an overall package – I bloody love it.

I’ve been tapping (or smashing) away at this keyboard for well over a month now, and as a Wireless keyboard I’ll tell you it’s biggest downside is it does need charging more than any other wireless keyboard I’ve used before.  Why though is that not a deal breaker? Because I know why, and I’m ok with that.

This thing is outputting more than just keystrokes, the eye-catching feature of this device is the “wheel” top left of the keyboard.

That little dial is not just a simple knob.  It’s fully customisable, based on the app you’re in.

Of course, that comes with companion software, but once installed it can change your entire workflows.  In Chrome and other browsers a quick flick of the dial moves you left or right through your tabs.  In Spotify I can skip tracks with a twist, swipe the top to get to volume then use it to adjust the volume with a twist.

In Adobe Premier I had my best experience, the dial becomes a jog wheel or a dial to flick through the timeline.

Honestly, very very cool – and not just a party trick.  Takes some time to adjust your senses to even remember to use it, but once you do it’s fantastic.

The keys are soft, so it’s not your traditional keyboard style – but familiar to those who’ve used a logitech product before, and not dissimilar to Apple’s standard keyboard too.

It’s also full size. So you’ve got a number pad, arrow keys, plus a heap of standard function keys.

OH, and it can also be used on multiple devices – three in fact, with the tap of a button.

The battery?  A few weeks, I reckon I’ve plugged it in two, maybe three times – at the moment the light goes Red, so there may have been many more days there in reserve.

Price – Not cheap – $299 – but boy, it’s well worth it.

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Logitech CRAFT Keyboard review: The best I’ve used all round.


  1. Josh Withers

    July 5, 2018 at 12:07 pm

    How is the Mac implementation?

  2. Simon

    July 5, 2018 at 4:07 pm

    Interesting place for the ‘fn’ key. Does it work well at that spot?

  3. Brian Howard

    July 7, 2018 at 1:59 am

    Trevor, check out Daskeyboard. Best in the world bar none. Most definitely a consideration before spending hundreds on a KB. Even bigger rotary control. The mid-range professional 4 is the sweet spot but the top of line will blow your mind with unheard of functionality. let me know if I am wrong – you’ll luv ’em.

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