It’s cool when a whole new type of connectivity hits the market because it often inspires companies to find new innovative ways of connecting our devices, because with every new style of adaptor comes a new set of problems connecting devices you already have.

You’ve probably not heard of Satechi, but from what I’m seeing they’re making a lot of great accessories and if you’ve got a USB-C series MacBook Pro these are must have purchases and not that expensive at all.

I’ve been testing all of these products and found the build quality to be excellent.  On cheaper and similar products I found they would heat up to the extreme when powered, but these did not.

During my test I did some video editing on an SSD drive attached with USB-C – read-write speeds were not 100% of what you’d get with a direct connection, but it was around 95% speed – perfectly usable and you’d barely notice!

They’re selling like hot-cakes at JB-HiFi and Syntricate, the links for each are below.

Satechi 75W MultiPort Travel Charger

Ok this thing is insane. It’s all you need when you’re going from hotel to hotel.  Charge your laptop, a quickcharge compatible phone and two other USB devices – all at the same time!

All the specs are there if you want them, but in simple terms it’s a mega charger for all your possible needs!

Price: $99

Instore & Online @ JB HiFi & Online @Syntricate

Satechi Slim Type-C MultiPort Adapter

Need two USB’s for your ultra-modern laptop, but it doesn’t have any?  No drama, this guy has you covered – plus HDMI output for your presentation.

All on a hub that attaches with a flexible cord into your USB-C device.

Price: $89

Instore & Online @ JB HiFi & Online @Syntricate

Satechi TYPE-C Multi-Port Adapter 4K Ethernet V2

A bigger version of the one above, this guy has an extra USB, Ethernet plus MicroSD and SD Card slots.  So much stuff – all in one dongle.

Price: $149
Instore & Online @ JB HiFi & Online @ Syntricate

Satechi Type-C USB Pass through Hub

Some people don’t like this idea, because the hub attaches do your machine, and could come out if you remove a USB from the hub, but I prefer it, it looks cleaner.  This entry level guy does almost all you need with USB-C passthrough, two USB and DS + MicroSD

Price: $69
Instore & Online @ JB HiFi & Online @ Syntricate

Satechi Type-C Pro Hub with 4K HDMI & Thunderbolt 3

The above on steroids.  Add in some HDMI, an extra USB-C and a 4K HDMI and this is all you need.  Taking up both USB-C ports on a MacBook it’s made for MacBook, and works well for those working off a USB-C attached SSD drive.

Price: $139
Instore & Online @ JB HiFi & Online @ Syntricate