Has there ever been a better time to NOT be on a mobile contract?  Nope.  Aldi Mobile is the latest of the big little guys to add a bunch more data to their existing plans.

Aldi use the Telstra network, so they’re the perfect answer to all those people who say “I’ve gotta be on Telstra” – and they now have 30GB of data on their $55 recharge.  Boost is a touch cheaper, but perhaps the convenience of your local Aldi store for a recharge – added to that the Aldi deals are 30 day recharges, one less per year overall.

Critically, Aldi customers can also rollover their data, up to 30GB per month – a great way to get the best value from your data.

Also, Aldi have created a massive 240GB 365 day data pack, which is made for tablet or laptop owners to get on the go data without tethering.